Employment Application

Attention Applicants: Criminal Conviction Clearance Requirements

You are seeking employment in a health facility setting licensed by the State to serve individuals with developmental disabilities. The State of California mandates that staff hired to work in our setting pass Criminal Conviction Clearance Requirements. The requirements prohibit persons convicted of certain crimes from becoming employed in these licensed homes. Each job applicant’s background is verified to ensure that they have not been convicted of any of these crimes. Fill out application COMPLETELY. Please note that incomplete applications may not be considered. We do not call all applicants! Someone will call you if we are interested in interviewing you.

Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination in employment because of sex, age, race, color, religious creed, marital status, national origin, ancestry, disability or handicap.

Thank you for your interest in seeking employment at Helen Evans Home/Walbrook House providing services and supports to people with developmental disabilities.


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    If Yes, must provide proof prior to hire
    Please note fingerprint submission is required for most positions.